As for Me and My House…..

family-prayer-featured1 If there is one thing we all know, it is that this world is getting worse faster than it is getting better. You can turn on CNN or FOX News and analysts try to pinpoint the reason for our decline. We can blame our government, our President, or our economy; but I believe the root of turmoil in America and the world today begins in the home.

I whole-heartedly believe that “satan’s Bull’s Eye” is on the family unit.  Think about it. For most people, your family has the most influence on your life.  Now, it could be bad influence or good influence, nonetheless, it is influence.              My job as a father is to influence or train my children in the way they should go based on Biblical standards.  In 2012, Pew Research came out with a study that stated 31.5%  (2.1 billion people) proclaim the Christianity religion.  In the USA, there are over 200,000,000 million who proclaim to be Christians.  So I pose a question to myself, if all these people proclaim Christianity and we are all reading the same book (The Bible) and are all training / instructing our children Biblically and Christianity has the most followers in the world, then shouldn’t we have a louder voice than we do now?

Here is my take. I believe we need Christians in Politics standing up for the Bible. I believe we need Christians proclaiming the Gospel in the workplace and I believe we need Christians fighting the good fight in the schools; but if we only do it in those arenas and not at home, I believe we step into hypocrisy. What is done at home should overflow into our government, schools, and workplace. As it is right now, what is done in our government, schools, and workplace is overflowing into the home.

I ran across a story in the Bible of a guy who lost his family and his life, even though he was a pastor.  It is the story of Eli.  Eli was a priest of Israel.  He lived in the house of God. Yet he had two sons that were wicked (Hophni and Phinehas). I remember reading this when I was younger and thinking “how could a priest, who lived in the house of God, and knew the scriptures, have sons who were evil?” Now that I am older, I can find four errors he made or could have made:

  1. Emphasis – When you emphasize on teaching and instructing others, and neglect your family by not putting in the same power and attention.*
  2. Expectation – Eli may have thought his sons would “get it” just because they lived in the house of the Lord. Just because our families go to church every Wednesday and Sunday, does not mean they all “get it”.  It must be taught in the home.*
  3. Example – You have to live out what you preach.  We can talk it; nothing is being heard until we walk it. *
  4. Entanglements – If we get so caught up in our jobs, professions and callings, we blind ourselves to our failures. *

Examine these four errors and then examine your life.  Where do you fail at home? I can tell you this-I need to re-focus in every area. I hope this empowers you so you can empower your family, then your family can empower their surroundings and ultimately, empower the world for Christ.

Remember, the Scriptures teach that if we do not faithfully lead our own household, we lack the qualifications to lead beyond the home (1 Tim. 3:4, 5) – in other words, if it doesn’t work at home, don’t export it.



*The Maxwell Leadership Bible by John C. Maxwell


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